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ELIM Antimicrobial Medical Disposable Curtains Receive EU CE Certification


ELIM is pleased to announce that our antibacterial medical disposable curtains have received the prestigious EU CE certification. This recognition underscores ELIM's commitment to providing innovative and high-quality solutions that meet stringent international standards.

The EU CE certification is an important milestone for ELIM, marking its compliance with the EU's stringent regulatory requirements. This certification reaffirms the effectiveness, safety and reliability of our antibacterial medical disposable curtains, making them a trusted choice for healthcare organizations worldwide.

ELIM's antibacterial medical disposable curtains are designed with advanced technology and high-quality materials. The inclusion of antimicrobials in fabrics ensures continued protection against harmful pathogens, helping to reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections (HAI). This innovative solution not only prioritizes patient safety, but also supports healthcare professionals in their efforts to maintain a healthy environment.

One of the main advantages of ELIM curtains is their disposability, which eliminates the need for cleaning and reduces the possibility of cross-contamination. The simple installation and replacement process further increases the efficiency and convenience of the medical facility.

About ELIM:

ELIM is a leading provider of innovative infection control solutions for healthcare organizations worldwide. Our products, including antibacterial medical disposable curtains, are designed to improve patient safety and support healthcare professionals in their efforts to maintain a healthy environment.

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