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Today ELIM launched a flower arrangement activity to celebrate the International Women's Day


To celebrate Women's Day, ELIM held a flower arrangement event in the company lobby on March 8. The event aims to promote female virtues, inspire the potential of female employees, and increase communication and teamwork among employees.

A total of 20 female employees participated in this event. Each employee prepared their own favorite flower materials and utensils, and performed flower arrangement operations under the guidance of the instructor. The employees not only showed their creativity and skills in flower arrangements, but also shared their understanding and feelings about Women's Day during the event, highlighting the unique charm and style of female employees.

During the activity, employees actively cooperated and helped each other, forming a united and friendly team atmosphere. Every employee can feel the company's care and attention through this activity, and it also demonstrates ELIM's humanized management philosophy and corporate culture.

This event not only provided female employees with an opportunity to showcase their talents, but also profoundly reflected ELIM's emphasis on employee happiness and corporate culture construction. I believe that with the support and help of the company, every female employee will show better performance and make more contributions to the development of the company.

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