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What are the curtains around a hospital bed called?


"Privacy curtains" or "patient curtains" are terms often used to describe the drapes that encircle a hospital bed. In a medical setting, these curtains are utilized to provide patients and their relatives privacy. Typically composed of sturdy, lightweight materials like polyester, privacy curtains may have a mesh top to improve airflow.

These curtains serve as a visual barrier between patients or to divide distinct regions of a hospital room in addition to offering seclusion. Certain hospitals may replace their privacy curtains on a regular basis in an effort to stop the transmission of germs. Privacy curtains may also contain antibacterial qualities.

Heavy-duty hospital drapes with stiff tracks, which are usually employed for patient privacy in wards and emergency rooms, have been added by many hospitals to their bedside cubicle systems. These curtains fit different bed sizes along hospital corridors, examination bays, and patient bays. They are made to last. The rails make it simple to deploy and slide the curtains that hang on hooks or the structure by the bed.

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